Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some of our commonly asked questions.

Why do you have two services?

Because we are not all alike! The earlier service is a more contemporary service. In first service we sing Praise Songs, with a simpler form of service and are led by the Praise Team.

The 10:45 service is more traditional, with an emphasis on the Presbyterian Liturgy. Second service is led by the Choir.

Both services ask for prayer requests from the congregation (there are prayer request forms on the credenza in the narthex)and end the prayers with the Lords Prayer.

Our Chime Choir plays for special occasions, usually when we have a combined service. We have a coffee hour between the two services so that the Church remains unified whichever service you prefer.


Why do you have combined services then?

There are several reasons for a combined service. Sometimes it’s a special occasion, such as Pentecost, Easter, or other holiday. It can also be that there is some business of the Church that needs to be ratified by the entire congregation, such as our Commissioning in the EPC.